TVS Next

Energy Application

Disruptive platform to enable Energy profiles into Financial Results

The Need

A leading energy management firm that is transforming how large energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid and strive hard to provide their customers with the most effective software platform that can help convert their customers’ energy profiles into financial returns.

About the Engagement

At the inception of the engagement, the client had a system that ran several batch operations to retrieve data insights for a specific data science algorithm. This not just made prediction ‘time consuming’ but, also took a toll on the number of computing resources consumed to produce a result. The entire architecture was monolithic in nature with high dependency on the transactional database to provide results.

The Resolution

TVS Next helped the client derive the technical objectives, post a thorough study of their existing system & the architect and designed the milestones to achieve the same.

The key objectives being

1) Creation of a scalable architecture, considering new energy divisions that were getting added every financial year

2) Creation of a completely foolproof distributed system

3) Interface manager to connect and collate data from the source

4) Reports and customizable dashboards builder

5) Optimize the utilization of computing resources deployed

Milestones Derived

  • Creation of a Microservice-based Architecture
  • Implementation of an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and Service Registry to channelize the load to multiple docker containers
  • Providing an HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) based Data Engineering architecture with 2-Name Nodes with no Single Point of Failure
  • Creation of a serverless architecture using AWS Lambda to improve utilization of computing resources


  • New architecture design based on Micro Service & Reactive System pattern.
  • Built based on the Reactive Manifesto.

Tech Stack

tech stack