Drive more engagements on the platform, resulting in higher conversions from their mobile app users. This involved optimization of user flows to let users quickly browse through 1000’s of listing and quickly view them in detail if required and place an enquiry. Re-creating the UI/UX to enhance the overall look and feel. Flexibility to bookmark or save interesting services and send them as an sms.

Created a seamless experience for users to quickly browse through 1000’s of listings, without any lags. Users were scrolling through 30% more listings compared to earlier. Smart search led to higher percentage of users reaching their desired page within 3 clicks.
All these led to higher conversions on the client’s Ad roll, increasing revenues.

About the Client:
One of the largest classifieds portals serving millions of users across multiple geographies.
With over 20 million visitors each month, over 16 million + user transactions so far, 4 million business listings and ads.

Easy search interface to quickly navigate to areas of interest
A rapid click through form to provide the details of their customer needs and the right businesses to call them.
End customers would get updates on the businesses matched to their needs via email, sms.

Device: Android, iOS
API : AWS , Json
Database : MySQL Server