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Faster Testing Improves Release Time for Food Delivery App, Helps Online Reviews

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Faster Testing Improves Release Time for Food Delivery App, Helps Online Reviews

TVS Next represents a leading online and mobile food ordering platform company with a network of hundreds of thousands of restaurants in the United States alone. Millions of active customers are responsible for placing thousands of daily orders using the organization’s iPhone and Android apps. Gross sales are in the billions of dollars as the business of takeout and delivery entered a new era before Covid-19 lockdowns created even greater demand and opportunity.
Technology plays a critical role as the company must manage a complex dance involving separate apps for diners, delivery drivers, and restaurants. Changes and updates to the apps affect millions of customers and stakeholders while negative reviews of the apps can impact sales and have a cascading effect on the bottom line of restaurants, delivery drivers, and ultimately the client.

How Did It All Start

Despite strategic planning, the platform suffered from inconsistent user experience across iOS and Android. The previous third-party testing vendor did not provide a good return on investment as there was no synchronization within the team, and the automation adopted was not robust enough to support the ongoing release plans. Significant functionality gaps existed between the web and mobile applications, and the usability testing plan did not validate user experience or compatibility testing between platforms. The platform required solid business process optimization and a reliable backend so that increased testing could speed up new app releases and cut down on negative reviews.

What did we do

The client had an urgent need to build a collaborative team that is culturally adaptable and skilled across systems to integrate web, Android, and iOS. A structured Quality Assurance (QA) strategy of test design and management with targeted outcomes was necessary. TVS Next improved test cycles from one to two times a week for the Android and iOS operating systems and implemented daily releases for the web platform. It also increased test coverage and improved the development of the platform by performing sanity, regression, exploratory, and end-to-end testing to verify user experience.

The platform application included testing on iOS, web, and Android devices to support the expanding customer base. Testing the developed code on various devices minimized errors and enhanced the user experience across devices.

TVS Next increased test coverage through positive, negative, and boundary validations through extracting test cases from a customer review. The testing reduced gaps in disconnects between features across the platform and increased speed in deploying new features.

Once TVS Next adopted automated tests, tests were available quickly and repeatedly. The automated tests provided a cost-effective tool for regression testing of the platform. The addition of visual regression testing bridged functional testing gaps. The testing created feedback mechanisms for developers and product teams to identify functionality enhancements, adding corporate white-labeled applications into the testing scope.

User Journey

The Business Outcome


Test cases per week including regression, smoke, exploratory, feature, and migration testing


Reduction in platform release time


Reduction of negative customer reviews

From 1 to 2 per week

Increase in Android & iOS releases

From 1 to 7 per week

Increase in web releases

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TVS Next executed over 900 test cases per week that included regression, smoke, exploratory, feature, and migration testing. We helped reduce the platform release time by 50% and adopt parallel execution of test cases across different environments and platforms. Releases for Android & iOS increased from one to two per week. Web releases improved drastically from one release per week to daily releases. Negative customer reviews were reduced by 40% over six months across Play Store, App Store, and Google Reviews. TVS Next harnessed testing best practices by leveraging the power of test reusability. We ensured test scalability and application stability by reusing tasks. Rather than starting from scratch, TVS Next helped in executing functional User Interface and User Experience tests.