HealthTech Transformation Services

Enabling HealthTech companies spin-up next generation technology and distributed teams across care continuum 

HealthCare industry is in a flux, coping-up with high demands and unique needs to manage patient experience, clinical care, recovery and wellness. Despite recent advancements in technology and cognitive sciences, current situation has shown the industry’s vulnerability in catering to the surge in demands. 

At TVS Next, we help HealthTech companies re-imagine and deliver differentiated experiences. Through our five transformative building blocks, we enable HealthTech companies achieve agility and scale. 

Transformative Services Success Metrics

We’ve helped HealthTech achieve substantial value and ROI through our transformative services. 

WHITEPAPER: Five Transformative Building Blocks for HealthTech
Data Engineering - TVS Next

Transform HealthTech by building next-generation platforms, products and system

eInvoiceNow - TVS Next

Accelerate product releases and ensure assured patient experiences


Build scalable and dynamic applications across the value chain


Embed intelligence at the core of HealthTech platforms to drive transformative outcomes

Data Engineering

Create consistent experience across platforms, devices, and system to capture wider audience