The client needed to automate operations and reduce man-hours required for smoother operations and delight their customers. Being able to better predict customer usage was a critical component to help save energy costs. This involved complex systems, multiple operations which were overloading servers, and slowing down their application. Supporting multiple customers, they wanted to speed up the back-end architecture, automate audits and reports for a seamless customer experience.



Reduced 100’s of man hours with automation, leading to significant savings. Enhanced predictability for industrial customers usage, helping them plan their consumption and reduce costs involved. Faster Go-To-Market with quick releases periodically.


One of the major energy technology service providers in the USA, helping optimize energy storage. Helping their customers manage close to 1 KW, across 3000 + Sites. They help their energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid.


Reduced the disk usage, load & startup time to milliseconds, by moving to the REST-based platform.

Complete visualization of reports, custom dashboards, by implementing of AM chart.

Automated audit reports for their consumers, making it easy to get reports.

Quick custom reports for their customers by moving to AWS LAMBDA


Languages/ Platforms– Scala, Python, Camel, Akka.

Apps – Angular JS, Node JS, D3 JS.

Databases – MongoDB, REDIS Databases Tools – Intellij SCADA & Urjanet

Integrations with –  Microservices Based Architecture.

Key Modules Developed – Scada ( legacy data), Vload (Historical Data) & UDM(Utility Demand Management)