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The client is one of the largest providers of prescription safety glasses for enterprises. Organizations that need to provide government-mandated safety glasses to their workers approach this company. Our client then sends digital cards to the employees who need glasses, and the employees then redeem these cards for prescription glasses.

How Did It All Start

The client’s website and app, built on Ruby on Rails framework, faced severe performance issues such as slow page load and frequent application crashes. This substandard user experience led to high user drop-off cases and impeded the client from growing and increasing their userbase. The client wanted to revamp their website completely.

The client’s business model was such that they gave digital cards that acted as coupons to workers to redeem for glasses at the client’s partner stores. The client now needed to integrate the payment gateway to claim these coupons. The client also had no insights into the usage data of the coupons and therefore couldn’t determine how to leverage the coupons best to increase their business.


The Business Outcome

  • The employer can curate product list for their employees
  • Companies get refunded for the remaining money on the gift cards
  • Fast loading application and website
  • Quicker release cycles and deployments
  • 15 new utilization reports aligned towards business goals
  • Scaled userbase to 3 Million

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