Scalable Intelligence

Harness the power of Data & Artificial
Intelligence to accelerate change for business.

Scalable Intelligence

Harness the power of Data & Artificial
Intelligence to accelerate change for business.

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Scalable Intelligence

Harness the power of Data & Artificial
Intelligence to accelerate change for business.

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Organisations today understand that data is one of their most valuable assets. To make the most of this asset, they need a platform to transform raw data into actionable insights quickly. This is where TVS Next comes in. We help organisations streamline their data sourcing, interpretation and consumption. Our flexible data structures and cutting-edge data & analytics platform make it easy for organisations to get the necessary insights to make better decisions and turn raw information into actionable information.

Modern data architecture and strategy is critical today in driving intelligence that drives insights and actions. Having a sound modernization approach to data and data management can unlock the potential of AI to make data relevant and essential. Our capabilities includes:

  • Data Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Modernization
  • Data Engineering
  • Advanced Analytics

Businesses need to be able to automate and innovate with new technologies if they want their business models in this digital age. TVS Next offers a range of services that will help organizations navigate the complexities and limitations of automation:

  • RPA
  • Hyper-automated Digital Operations
  • Intelligence Automation as a Service

Artificial Intelligence powers the future of the world. It’s a tomorrow where organizations will be able to utilize data and use its control for them not only to become more productive but also efficient with their supply chains as well. Our solutions includes:

  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • AI on Cloud
  • Predictive Analytics
  • MLOps
  • Cognitive Intelligence

Why TVS Next?

Identifying Opportunity

Assess Capability

Our Intelligence team does a comprehensive assessment of the client’s business to evaluate their data assets, current and intended capability for data analytics and predictive modeling, and obstacles if any.

Data Opportunity

Upon completing the assessment, we work on discovering data-driven business opportunities. We identify predictive use cases, impactful smart applications, and other data value streams that will help realize these opportunities.

Unlocking Data

Data Exploration

The data sources are checked for quality, completeness, accuracy, and applicability of data to achieve the targeted use cases and relevant business outcomes.

Feature Engineering

The existing data features that are relevant to the targeted use cases and modeling approaches are identified, and new data features are engineered based on specific requirements.

Predictive Power

Predictive Modelling

We develop analytic models through a series of iterations and refinements, through designated training-vs-testing data to measure the model’s predictive performance against the targeted use cases.

Smart Applications

The predictive power of the developed models is embedded in business logic and applications. By generating predictions about future behaviour, events, patterns, and value, businesses achieve desired outcomes such as deepened engagement with valuable customers, process optimization or maximized revenue.


Success Stories

We partner with high growth businesses to reimagine, design and develop software to build a better future. Here’s a highlight of some transformational outcomes for clients using our connected brilliance of engineering, intelligence, and experiences.

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