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Intelligent Tracking and Monitoring Solution for an International Conglomerate

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Accelerate Cloud Adoption Using TVS Next Cloud Roadmap for Data & Analytics

Our client is a large international conglomerate operating in more than 50 countries. The client’s products and services span multiple industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, and packaged foods.

How Did It All Start

The client’s assets are spread across energy, oil, heavy machinery, chemicals, and goods. The goods were either in plants, warehouses, or containers and these goods were at a high risk of damage due to varying environmental factors that needed to be kept in control. The client also faced an issue of frequently misplaced assets and was unable to track asset locations.

The client’s customers engaged with them through various channels, and it was nearly impossible to employ humans to keep an eye on all of these engagements to ensure customer satisfaction.

The client wanted to apply automation to monitor and track their goods, facilities, and customers.

Several external environmental factors such as temperature, pressure, gas, humidity, and vibration are present in all the asset locations, and even a slight variation from the optimal condition of these factors could cause severe damage.

TVS Next provided a solution using IoT devices with sensors that sense the environment’s temperature, humidity, and pressure and send the data to the cloud to be processed. Depending on the environmental conditions, actuators are triggered to change the settings of air conditioners, humidifiers, and other environmental controllers. TVS Next also created a centralized system that provides real-time visibility into the facilities’ conditions. 


The Business Outcome

  • Improved quality​
  • Improved productivity​
  • Low maintenance​
  • Real-time alert notification in case of change in temperature, humidity, etc​
  • Historical and current data reports​

TVS Next created a system of tracking physical assets by using NEXT-FIND (Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons) attached to the assets. We placed NEXT-Gateways (BLE to Wifi Gateway) at various locations within the facility. These Gateways pick up BLE advertisements from NEXT-FIND and relay them to our Cloud server. When we turned the trackers on, the client could track and locate assets in real-time. The client can also remotely monitor the asset’s complete cycle– from the production or acquiring of the said asset to the point it reached its destination or the customer’s hands.


The Business Outcome

  • Tracks thousands of assets in real-time across facilities such as shop floor, manufacturing unit, or warehouse.  
  • Enables easy asset search and localization
  • Notifies for geo-fence events
  • Remotely monitors assets for their entire life-cycle
  • Facilitates real-time process management 
  • Improves workforce coordination

To analyze customer sentiments, TVS Next implemented Sentiment Analysis. Feedback from various mediums is collected and run through sentiment analysis algorithms to understand the customers’ attitudes.

To do this, we set up an automated system that performs multiple layers of analysis on the customer’s feedback and categorizes them as positive, neutral, or negative. Depending on the reaction, the client’s customer service department reaches out to the customer and immediately takes appropriate action, improving customer satisfaction.

Sentiment analysis monitors and maintains the client’s brand image on social media. The client’s marketing team also uses it to analyze and predict various metrics such as churn, retention, loyalty, life span, purchase probability, and purchase patterns.


The Business Outcome

  • Real-time monitoring of customer feedback
  • Automatically sends intelligent responses to mitigate risks
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Access to timely insights
  • Reduction of staffing
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Protection of company reputation

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