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Healthcare Application

Revolutionizing Healthcare by enabling Patients to manage their Health Records

Foundation of new Healthcare IT Systems lie in the creation of platforms that allow interoperability, safe storage of patient data, and secure & efficient exchange of information between stakeholders. Privacy of data and user-based access control is crucial, which can be achieved using Blockchain.

What is Unique Health ID

Unique Health ID is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast, and transparent exchange & usage of medical data. The patient health record (true) data is maintained as a single version and stored using Blockchain Technology.

Unique Health ID enables a mechanism for different Healthcare stakeholders such as Doctors, Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacists, Insurers and Government bodies to request permission, access and interact with patient medical records. Each interaction is auditable, transparent, and secure and is recorded as a transaction on the Unique Health ID’s Distributed Ledger. Built on the permission-based Hyperledger Fabric architecture, data transfer happens only with the consent of the patient with no privacy loss in this process. In addition, it also enables patients to have full control over varying access levels to their records by others on how much they see and for what length of time.

Why do we need this solution

95% of medical institutions polled in Gartner said that they had been victims of cyber attacks making the healthcare industry the most succumbed one to data breaches when compared to any other sector. Reports also state that medical records are stolen and sold on darknet markets at 10 times more expensive rates than credit card data.

The threat to a patient’s privacy wasn’t outside the healthcare system, but was within it. Over a million patients’ health records attending various hospitals are mined and analyzed by various organizations with little transparency and no option of withdrawal.

The increasingly digitized and widespread healthcare systems create more opportunities than ever for patient records to be accessed without permission as currently, patients have very little autonomy and legacy healthcare systems fail to provide any data protection.

The Creation

Health Creation
  • Decentralized and self-sovereign identity management
  • Encrypted key vault store for a secure storage of user private keys
  • Multi-factor authentication agent for user access
  • Smart in-built data access and authorization
  • Data schema-based access control
  • Every participant is subscribed onto a channel based on the network setup
  • Data is further split into Private & Public for access between participant


The core technology architecture of Unique Health ID works on a 3-tier structure. The primary client of the application has its presence on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Web. The client communicates with the application layer built over PHP web application programmable interfaces (APIs) which in turn seeks permission for data access from the Hyperledger fabric.

Unique Health ID Hyperledger

The application is built on a hybrid Blockchain architecture with a permissioned network, monitored based on Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism. The hybrid architecture of Unique Health ID further allows its deployment on premise and on cloud, depending on the requirements of various stakeholders.