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Sales Order Process Automation and Customer Satisfaction

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Accelerate Cloud Adoption Using TVS Next Cloud Roadmap for Data & Analytics

Even after multiple technology adoption projects, many businesses still tend to use outdated methods to perform finance and accounting processes. This client was also doing the same. They were manually processing their finance processes, and this case study focuses on how TVS Next revamped their sales order process.

How Did It All Start

The client’s users filled order fulfillment forms by hand and faxed them to the client. The client then manually entered the data from the form and created a new order on SAP. The sales order was then updated on an excel sheet, and a pdf was generated, which was manually sent to the customer’s mail ID.

The large amount of paperwork was very time-consuming and resulted in data errors. There was zero visibility into order processing, and the client couldn’t figure out the source of the delays. These problems caused irregular order fulfillment, poor customer service, and a shrinking customer base.


The Business Outcome

• Reduction of operating costs
• Visibility into sales orders
• Increase in order processing efficiency
• Timely order fulfilment
• Increase in customer satisfaction

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