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Transformative TestOps 

Deliver assured experiences by automating product release cycles and redefining the way you build software pipelines.

Time to market is a top business imperative for high-growth software products, making QA a major bottleneck in continuous delivery. While it is possible to optimize testing effort and cycle time using shift-left practices, such approaches may consume enormous time and efforts resulting in inconsistent experiences.
Solving this complexity requires evolution of test use cases, skills, tools and collaboration patterns. Shift-right practices and TestOps ensure collaboration between testing and operations, enabling seamless transition across the DevOps life-cycle. This not only takes care of faster releases but also improves CX drastically.
Our Transformative TestOps Approach
Behavior Driven Development

Use tests that are written ahead of the code, user-oriented and based on the behavior.

Custom Automation Frameworks

Scaffold designs for automation test scripts to provide an execution environment.

Integrated Test & DevOps

Enable testing in the immediate pre-release and post-release phases of the product lifecycle.

WHITEPAPER: Making Test Automation work for your organization

WHITEPAPER: Making Test Automation work for your Organization

The evolution of platforms is driving businesses adopt Test Automation and integrate it with DevOps to provide continuous quality while enabling continuous delivery.

In this whitepaper, learn about

Test automation framework & components

Building a customized test automation framework

Overcoming challenges of test automation