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Transforming Music Distribution

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A leading conventional music CD selling company considered the rising popularity of online music platforms and felt it was time to develop an intelligent music app that would revolutionize the way people listened to music in Indonesia.

How did it all start

The need was to migrate to a new mobile-based business model from a legacy CD sale business. The idea was to build a music platform with a powerful recommendation engine, flexible access, dynamic filters, tracking system, and various other distinct features to make the app experience not just enjoyable but, also magnetic for people to get attracted to – the target group being the young population (Gen X & Y) of Indonesia. There was a strong requirement of music suggestions from the recommendation engine and this was required to be specific for every user.

What did we do

Our team started the project with a discovery phase, entailing brainstorming on how to achieve some of the imperatives laid down by the client.

The UI/UX team worked closely with the client & took a structured approach of


– Goal Analysis

– Personas

– Workflows

– Competitor Benchmarking


– Information Architecture

– Layouts

– Storyboards

– User Flows


– Wireframing

– Wireframing

– Visual Design

– Branding


There were multiple proofs of concepts presented to take an informed decision based on the pros and cons of available technology options.

All of this to come up with a greatly functional, highly intuitive & and amazingly dashing UI for the app.

Process and Engagement Model

The project was done with an Agile engagement model. The client needed a team who understood all aspects of product development with demonstrated analysis, design, and technical capabilities. Agile and Scrum methodologies were used in the product development with the focus being to define and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and release it to the target audience for feedback and then iterate.

Tech Stack

tech stack

Premium User Experience Delivered

The app is being loved by users for the simplicity, intuitiveness & intelligence it provides. The experience and performance of the product are great especially due to the key features like Offline availability and a comprehensive recommendation engine that recommends music based on behavioral patterns.